February 20, 2018

Training/Teaching ANUGA 2-D Hydrodynamics

Being the first person outside of Geoscience Australia to get involved in the ANUGA project and instrumental in moving ANUGA from Tsunami to Riverine Flood Modeling in 2006 provides a wealth of experience in being able to pass on the necessary skills to teach others to use this model.

The first person taught to use the model is a Engineer at Wollongong City Council who was taught the basics in 1 day.

This person has now modelled a considerable number of large complex catchments.


It is recommended that Local Government Seriously Consider the potential of Council being the custodian of its own River Flooding and Ocean Impact models, in the light of more than likely having the need to model and remodel the impacts of CLimate Change. THis is likely to Safe the local communities $Millions as explained in the Following Document:


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