February 20, 2018

WSUD: Pollutant Load Algorithm

Whilst Project Managing Catchments Easts for Sydney Water Corporation under the “Storm water Environment Improvement Program” (SEIP), a sound robust methodology was devised to improve the assesment of Stormwater Pollutant loads. This was based on utilising an extensive time history of pollutant capture data held by Sydney Water. The driving force being the need to better determine adequate justification for the placement of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT’s) or Pollutant Capture Devices (PCD’s) at specified locations. The previous adopted methodologies were seen to be very limited as they were wholly reliant on capture data from a very small number of events in Melbourne as described by Alison et al.

The work resulted in a conference paper presented at the 9th International Conference For Urban Drainage in Portland, Oregan USA in 2002. A copy of the paper can be found here: 9icud

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