February 20, 2018

Hydrology using 2D Models

Several users of the ANUGA model have investigated how well it is able to replicate hydrologic response by comparing it to the response of the WBNM model with the same rainfall. Results show excellent reproduction of the hydrograph shape, peak and timing. Further the impact of varying Mannings “n” was investigated and it was found that ANUGA provides excellent reproduction for a range of roughness from 0.001 to 1.0, values larger than this create strange results. Considering that researching valid roughness values, no research identified a valid roughness of 1 or greater, this is likely a positive outcome. It is a concern that other models and other modellers are using Manning’s roughness of 20.0 and greater to account for urban scenarios including fences, and these models and modellers consider this OK!

Please review the pdf attached:  2011_IAHR_Paper_VanDrie_V3

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