February 20, 2018

Latest NEWS


Nov. 2013:- Presented a Paper at the NSW Coastal Conference, Port Macquarie

Feb 2013:- Climate Change Adaptation Project in Beira Mozambique using WBNM & ANUGA

Sept. 2012:- Obtained funding for setting up the ACT flood Modelling Framework

May 2012:- Completed demonstration 2D model of the entire Candamine-Balonne River System (85,000km2) for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority

19-22/11/2012: Presented Paper at Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium at Cockle bay Sydney: www.hwrs2012.org.au

14-15/03/2012:- Invited and attended the QLD Flood Vulnerability Workshop in Brisbane

Feb 2012:- Presented Poster Paper (on Climate Change Impact Analysis using ANUGA) at the NSW Floodplain Management Authorities (FMA) Conference in Batemans bay NSW

20/05/2011:- Training Workshop for Major Insurance Industry Stakeholder in Flood modelling and using WBNM & ANUGA

11/01/2011:- Conducted Workshop at the University of Duisburg-Essen to train Professor Andre Niemann and other in the use of the ANUGA Hydrodynamic Model

10/06/2010:- Set up very large model of the Bellinger River and Lower Flood plain with ANUGA

05/02/2009:-  BALANCE have installed a BRand NEw Hydraulics Laboratory ….

06/07/2009:-  BALANCE help Geoscience Australia get Culvert Capability in the ANUGA MODEL

23/05/2008:-  Rudy provides the NEW Geoscience Australia Tsunami Model (ANUGA) with Rainfall and Hydrologic


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