February 20, 2018

Hyd Lab Proj:- Brokers Rd Basin Labyrinth Weir

Physical Hydraulic Model of the Brokers Rd Basin

This project was undertaken by Rudy whilst working for Wollongong City Council. However it represents an excellent example of utilising the cost effectiveness of the hydraulics laboratory to undertake design, and design refinement. Previous consultants had prepared a Labyrinth weir concept for the PMF spillway, that was on a straight alignment. The structure was very large, and did not make it easy to convey flow back to the watercourse. The redesign of a

labyrinth on a radius conceptually produced a far more cost effective solution. Two models 1:50 and 1:100 scale were constructed to review the labyrinth performance. Further the 1:50 scale model was used to investigate the impact of a foot bridge over the structure on flow behaviour. Several special features were aded as part of the design refinement. Including a stepped weir inlet on the low flow, and energy dissipation at the outlet. Further enhancement was also discussed but to date not implemented. This included a self opening gate structure on the medium flow inlet to enhance the performance of the storage in the basin.

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