February 20, 2018

Computer Modelling:- Hydrology


Rudy has a long history of involvement with Prof. Michael Boyd (the father of WBNM), initally being lectured by Michael at the University of Wollongong, and later as a co-developer of the model. Rudy initially creater the first graphical plotting package for WBNM in 1992 written in PASCAL. The current viewer is written in DELPHI.

Rudy has long held the desire to create a TIME STEP based model rather than the current SUB-AREA based model. If this is to occur it is likely that it may occur utilising PYTHON.

We have a long history of creating and running hydrologic models for flood studies. We have found WBNM2007 to be exceptionally easy to use. Setting up even complex models is quite straight forward.

RECENTLY we have been moving toward utilising 2D models to model the hydrologic response of entire catchments directly. THis is done by applying rainfall directly onto the terrain. To date the result have been very encouraging.

As described in a recent conference paper found here: 2011_IAHR_Paper_VanDrie_V3

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